Friday, November 6, 2009

Interview with Robert Meade

Who: Robert Meade
What: Acoustic solo musician, in concert
Where: Senang and Vinyl Perk
When: Thursday and Friday, November 12 & 13, 2009 respectively

SLG: What would you like SE Idaho to know about your music?

I have been performing and writing music for 12 years. Introduced to music at the age of 16, I embraced the sights and sounds of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited” and most importantly the Motown era.

The music I am most compelled to compose loosely fits into the category of progressive rhythm and blues, rock & roll, and folk. Originality and passion generate style that I would like to attribute to my experiences.

SLG: Describe your genre of music in as much detail as you like. Maybe list your three best crowd-pleasing songs? Can you explain in what way do you most appeal to your fans?

RM: My songs speak of hope and of something new to come. Written from personal experience of the pleasures and pains brought about growth in life; the lyrics suggest a desire to transcend the delusion of dualism in society by clearing away hindrances on a celebrated path to truth.

I play a variety of genres that reflect evolving interests and influences in the musical realm. Motown has played a substantial role in my developmental process as an artist. I find great hope with the self-reflection involved in song writing. Working to bring the discoveries about these revelations that in part compose our existence across just as intense and honestly to all who listen, is an important accomplishment that music must strive for. Intention gives the songs a destination; I want the music to take people on a journey and leave them enhanced in some way.

Three songs that have become set staples when I perform are:

In a Moment is a funky and danceable song that keeps the energy high. People like to “wooo” in the middle of it. This one gets a lot of participation.

‘Holla. The hooks in 'Holla are undeniable; it is progressive and fun.

Cambio builds with a melody that is emotive. This song is a bit slower than the rest, lyrics are meaningful and poetic.

SLG: Have you always been a solo act? Or do you have some history in a band?

RM: I am traveling as a solo acoustic artist at the present, though I have a band in Eugene, Oregon, called Cambio (Spanish for change). I am currently based in Eugene, Oregon.

SLG: Past shows or venues you'd like to brag about? Past or future shows in the Pocatello area?

RM: I have performed and worked with quite a few musicians over the years including: Al Jardine of the Beach Boys, Richie Cannata of Cove City Sound Studios in New York, Everest of Vapor Records, Don Latarski of Crescent Records and James Book of the Flies and Top Secret Records.

I have been performing for the public since 2002 starting at open-mics and playing for tips at coffee houses on the west coast. While living in New York City I played the open-mic circuit before graduating to paying gigs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In Eugene, Oregon I landed a regular job every Friday night, playing for dinner crowds at a night club and not too long after formed his band CAMBIO.

With CAMBIO, we were asked to perform at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon for the regional track finals of 2008 and were labeled as “One of Eugene’s favorite Bands.” In early 2009 we performed at the W.O.W. Hall in Eugene opening for the national act Everest and then once more shortly after, while finishing up the recording of their debut album and booking a short tour of the north west in support of its release. (First Pressing and Release, Independently, May 31 2009)

On September 14th, 2009, I played in Pocatello at Vinyl Perk.

SLG: Describe these upcoming shows. What can people expect if they come?

RM: Thursday, Nov. 12th. 7:30-9pm at Senang Wine Bar/Tapas Bar, 815 S 1st Ave., Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 478-6732

Friday, Nov. 13th. 7-9pm at Vinyl Perk, 150 S Main St., Pocatello, ID 83204 (919) 619-2441) with special guest Jon van Pelt

No cover charge for either dates.

SLG: Any comments about the local live music scene, the music industry in general? What do you think is the best way to get your music out there?

RM: Hard work and rolling with the punches; the same goes for life. We can never predict how it will all turn out. What you are experiencing is the effect of what you are putting out; if you don’t like it, reexamine your priorities. Life and music are about love, that’s all that matters.

SLG: Recordings? Will you have CD's or more for sale at the show?

RM: Absolutely. I will be selling my full-length, debut studio album "CAMBIO" for $10.

SLG: How can fans contact you? Myspace? or another website?

RM: or email

To hear tracks off the new album, visit, and for booking, contact Talia Winship at

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