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Column for December 30, 2009

With the Christmas holiday behind us, it’s now time to look forward to New Year’s celebrations. New Year’s Eve is on Thursday, and the area’s live music haunts are bringing in their favorite bands to usher in a new year, a new decade.

At Portneuf Valley Brewing on S. 1st Avenue in Pocatello, they’re not only ushering in a new year, they’re ushering in a new band. The pub will host the initial eruption of Volcano, a newly-formed, locally-based five-piece dance band.

Open to all ages, the music starts at 10:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and continues after midnight. The brewery is offering dinner specials and complementary champagne, for those 21+, at midnight for the dance party.

Volcano combines the best of classic jazz, soulful R&B, and infectious Latin rhythms to create a sound that propels the listener to the dance floor. The members of the band are Rik Ballard on drums, Allen Ross on percussion and vocals, keyboardist Sean Jackson also sings with Collin Miller on guitars and Bob Tuell plays alto and tenor saxophones.

For more information on Portnuef Valley Brewing’s New Year’s Eve party, call (208) 232-1644 or visit or for reservations and show information.

Taps Bar on Garrett Way in Pocatello is ringing in the new with songs from the old, rock covers from the 60’s, 70’s and now from Plain Jane. Music starts at 9:00 p.m., and expect door prizes, giveaways and surprises from Taps at their party, open to those 21+. There is no cover.

Plain Jane, with the motto “Fun Music for Fun People,” was a hit area band some 10 years ago. They reformed last year; the current line-up has Jeff Hammer fronting the band on vocals, backed by Maurice Ross and Richard Henry on guitars, Darwin Edwards on bass and drummer Frank True.

Expect to hear covers of classic rock, blues and soul like “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Take It Easy,” “Long Cool Woman” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” With decades of stage experience, Plain Jane knows how to entertain, knows how to throw a party and knows how to please a crowd. The band is booked at Taps through the weekend.

Find out more about Plain Jane at Contact Taps Bar at (208) 233-0210 for more information.

Duffy’s Tavern on North Main Street in Pocatello is bringing in a bar favorite: Kaught Lookin’ takes the stage at 9:00 p.m. to get the New Year’s Eve party started. Duffy’s will have party favors, hats, noise-makers and champagne at midnight to welcome in the new year.

Kaught Lookin’ is fronted by vocalist Ed Horn, and backed by guitarist Rick Veilleux , Mark Clawson on bass, Tony Roberts on drums.

Originally formed in 2006, Kaught Lookin’ plays classic rock favorites from ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foghat, Cheap Trick, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and more, as well as reviving Exit 69 originals from their 2002 CD. They’re booked through the weekend at Duffy’s. You can find Kaught Lookin’ online at Contact Duffy’s at (208) 233-9142 for more information.

In Idaho Falls, 2am Logic, an alt. rock, post-grunge band, is hosting a Jagermeister party at The 840 (formerly Chic’s Lounge). And Stiff Richard is scheduled to play rock covers on New Year’s Eve and through the weekend at Karen’s Park Avenue Club.

One of my favorite ways to release the old year and bring in the new is to visit Lava Hot Springs, have a soak and head over to the the Blue Moon Bar. They will will have New Year’s Eve party games, drink and food specials, door prizes and champagne at midnight. The house band, Mirror Image, is set to play classic rock covers from Tom Petty, Cream, Nickleback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cake, AC/DC and many more.

Mirror Image is Tom, Chris and Travis Prather and Bobby Jones. The band is a regular at the Blue Moon and several other area music venues. Find out more at or call the Blue Moon at (208) 776-5077.

Area local live music continues through the weekend. On Friday, January 1st, Bowman, Garrison and Bowman are set to play acoustic music at Portneuf Valley Brewing. And on Saturday the 2nd, singer / songwriter Fred Anderson plays the pub. Music starts at 8:30.

In Idaho Falls on Saturday the 2nd, Ixxion, Denots, 2am Logic and more play a hard rock / metal show at the Shilo Inn. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Call the Shilo at (208) 523-0088 for more information.

Linda Alexander
a.k.a. Lana Banana for Idaho Local Live Music

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Live Video - AltarEdge

No Greater Love - ALTAREDGE's new song set to video from a show at The ICON w/ The Showdown on July 21st, 2009. Catch all there is about this Idaho Christian Metal band @

A message from Goodnight Sunrise

Hey guys,

First off, happy holidays! I hope that everyone was able to take a little time off and hang out with some family over the last week or so...maybe some of you already took advantage of our sale on iTunes; the new EP is only $4.99 for those who haven't heard.

We've been home working on writing even more new material and looking at potential tour plans for mid-March - keep your eyes peeled for West coast dates! We'll also be posting info regarding another live stickam video chat within the next few weeks, so check back at for more info.

We miss seeing you all on the road, but we'll be back soon...


goodnight sunrise

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video: Jeremy Buck & the Bang

Jeremy Buck, in his own words:

The New Video for Just for One Night has been receiving amazing reviews. Please help us out by sending the link to the video to everyone you know. If each person would send it to all of their friends, and then your friends would pass it along to all of their friends.. it could be come an internet sensation, which could truly help put Jeremy Buck & The Bang on the Map. We have hired a publicist for this sole reason, and we are trying to take this to the next level, but we can't do it alone. We need your help! So, please watch it, and then send the links to your friends. I promise they will enjoy it! Thanks so much in advance for doing this. We love You!

Jeremy Buck & the Bang

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interview with Ande Conda

Who: Ande Conda
What: Rock cover band, farewell performance weekend
Where: TAPS Bar, Garrett Way, Pocatello, Idaho - map
When: Friday and Saturday, December 18 - 19, 2009 - 9:00 p.m.
Why: Bid farewell to one of Pocatello's longest-standing rock bands, as they bid farewell to you.

Ande Conda is a cover band based out of the Pocatello / southeast Idaho area, playing a variety of cover music that spans several decades & genres. They've played mainly in clubs throughout S.E. Idaho, ranging from the former Butch Cassidy's in Montpelier, to Muddys, Karens & Peppertree in Idaho Falls., and of course Pocatello's music clubs, the 1st National Bar & Taps.

The band is breaking up, moving on to new and other projects. I caught up with Brian Meira recently about Ande Conda, past, present and future.

BM: We want Southeast Idaho to know that this band appreciates all the support that they have given us over the years. This band originated in the mid 90's and has had some of the area's finest musicians in the lineup over the years. With Richard Green being the founding member, he is the only original member in this current lineup, and I know he has fond memories of this band and will have a hard time putting it to rest. But you never know what the future holds for this band and its current members.

SLG: Describe your genre of music.

BM: We play mostly high energy rock-n-roll, from 70's, 80's, 90's and the present, but we have been known to throw in a few country songs now & again.

SLG: Maybe list your three best crowd-pleasing songs?

BM: Hard to narrow it down to just three, we play so many hits ... but the three that always get the crowd up & dancing are Sweet Child O' Mine, by G-n-R, All Summer Long, by Kid Rock and AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long

SLG: Can you explain in what way do you most appeal to your fans?

BM: A recent club manager described us at our last show a few weeks back in I.F. He said that we are a fun rock-n-roll party band, with high energy from start to finish, and the crowd feeds off that energy. - Rob, manager of Peppertree, Idaho Falls

Ande Conda
Ronny Moore - Guitars/Vocals
Jeff Beery - Lead Singer
Richard Green-Guitars/Vocals
Chris Anderson-Drums/Vocals
Brian Miera-Bass/Vocals

SLG: How long has this line-up been together?

BM: I joined the band in 2007. The drummer has been with them since 2006, I believe. Jeff & Ronny have been with the band since around 2000 and of course Richard Green, being the founding member, he started the band in '95.

SLG: Tell us where you're from and currently based in what town?

BM: We are based out of Pocatello, but the members live in different towns. Ronny lives in American Falls, Jeff lives in Rigby, & the rest live in the Pocatello area.

SLG: Past shows or venues you'd like to brag about?

BM: This summers Revive @ 5 show was a real fun time. It was packed, and it was nice to see lots of friends & family in attendance. It was also a great success as a fundraiser for the Idaho FoodBank, who of course help out many people in our community. And we are all about giving back to the community that has supported us wholeheartedly over the years. That show will always be go down as one of our funnest.

SLG: Past or future shows in the Pocatello area?

BM: The Blue Moon in Lava is a very fun and special place to play, cause it draws such a diverse crowd, mostly Utahns on weekend getaways, but the energy that place gives back is amazing. It will be missed. Of course the Pocatello venues, 1st National and Taps, we have had many, many great gigs at these fine clubs.

SLG: Describe these particular last shows. What can people expect if they come?

BM: This weekend's show at Taps, 2227 Garrett Way, will unfortunately be our last show. We plan on making it a special performance from start to finish. We expect a huge crowd so I recommend getting there early, both nights. It's 21+, and there is NO cover charge.

I got a li'l something [special planned] at the end of the show on Saturday night. Nothing big, but something worth checking out and will send us out with a bang!

SLG: Any comments about the local live music scene, the music industry in general?

BM: We love the music scene in S.E. Idaho; we love the support we have gotten from other bands in the area over the years. But the music industry in general, that's another story, for another time.

But in the time I have been in the band, I have had a great time and I know the guys have had a great run this last few years, playing to some great crowds and meeting some truly great people, making some great memories. In all the places we play, I, myself, think that is one of the great things about traveling around and playing music: the people you meet and the friends you make. Sharing the love of playing live music and having them enjoy it, that is as rewarding as it gets.

SLG: What do you think is the best way for bands to get their music out there?

BM: Get out there & gig, alot!!....There is no substitute for playing in front of live crowds, it hones your playing & your stage presence. Good live shows lead to good things and you never know who is going to be in the crowd.

SLG: Do you have any favorite videos of your band or your music on YouTube? If so, what is the url?

BM: Not at the time, but we have some video, it just needs to get edited & put up, we will post some video of this last show, & some past shows as well, so fans can get on our myspace site & check us out & reminisce.

SLG: Recordings? Will you have CD's or more for sale at the show?

BM: I know that years ago Richard recorded a CD of AndeConda and some originals, but that was not with this lineup. We are a cover band, so we have no recordings. But we will be performing our original song on Fri & Sat, a ballad called "Can You Hear Them."

SLG: How can fans contact you? Myspace? or another website?


SLG: Now let's talk about why the band's breaking up - what it means to each of you, and any plans (even just dreams of plans) for the future.

BM: Some of the current members are going to start different musical projects. I am going to start another band with me on the guitar. I play bass in Andeconda, but guitar is the instrument I learned on and grew up with. So I am looking forward to getting something going on that front.

What it means to Chris is that he will be playing with his former band.

Ronny will be playing in a duet around American Falls/Blackfoot area.

Jeff is a very talented singer who I am sure will be recruited by some needy musicians.

Richard is a trooper who I am sure will get something going musically. We will just have to see what the future holds for us all.

On a final note, a special thank you to the fans & club owners & our families, from all of us in AndeConda

"Rock On"

Richard, Ronny, Chris, Jeff & Brian

Seven Feet Below in Finals of Garage Band Playoff

From Spencer Ruchti:

It's been a long haul from the beginning. The competition is called the Garage Band Playoff, and more than 80 bands had to submit a song with the theme of "The Great American Road Song". Of these 80 bands, 24 bands were left. We were one of those bands. From there, the very first round had 6 different match-ups of four bands each. In this competition, you can go to and vote as many times as you want from your favorite band. We were kind of scared when one of the bands, Pierced3, got 69,000 votes in the very first match-up of the first round. As match-ups kept passing by, no one got even close to the amount of votes Pierced3 got. Then our round came. After a week of anxiety and relentless voting, we ended up with 102,000 votes! By far we had beat Pierced3.

Then the semi-finals came. We were in a round with some tough competitors. But, after another week passed, we ended up with around 140,000 votes, but Pierced3 got about 130,000 votes in the other semi-finals. So, here we are now, in the finals. We won the semi-finals, but now we've got a lot of work ahead of us!

So here is what we need you all to do! Go to and vote for about five or ten minutes straight for the band Seven Feet Below and their song "Summer". That can get you about 100-300 votes! Our goal is to get 300,000 votes! It's a big goal, but I think we can do it. Because, really, if every single person in Pocatello voted JUST ONCE, then that's about 60,000 votes right there! If everyone voted just twice, then that's 120,000... and so forth.

So, as a fellow Pocatellan, I ask you now to go to and please vote for your local band Seven Feet Below! If you want to see more about the band, you can go to,, and on Facebook you can join the group "I'm voting for Seven Feet Below in the Garage Band Playoff!". Thank you so much Pocatello for your support!


Video: Drop Dead Julio in Boise

Hilarious road trip video as Drop Dead Julio plays Boise, Idaho.

New Year's Eve 2009 at PVB

Thursday, December 31st - New Years Dance Party with Volcano at Portneuf Valley Brewing, S. 1st Avenue, Pocatello, ID. Prime Rib and Salmon Dinner Specials with Complementary Champagne.

Dance Party in the Loft 10pm - 1pm featuring the explosive dance music of the new Pocatello band Volcano!

Volcano is set to erupt on New Year's Eve!

Portneuf Valley Brewing will be the site of the initial eruption of Volcano... and all indicators are pointing at this being "the place to be" for a swinging good time on New Year's Eve! The music starts @ 10 p.m. and goes on until sometime after we ring in the New Year.

There will be New Years Eve dinner specials and complementary champagne at midnight for the Dance Party featuring the explosive sound of Volcano!

Volcano is a five-piece dance band, that combines the best of classic Jazz, soulful R&B, and infectious Latin rhythms, to create a sound that propels the listener to the dance floor.

Volcano is: Rik Ballard - drums; Allen Ross - congas, djembe, bongos, percussion, and vocals; Sean Jackson - keyboards and vocals; Collin Miller - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and vocals; Bob Tuell - alto and tenor saxophones

Portneuf Valley Brewing is located at 615 S. 1st Ave, here in Pocatello, Idaho. Please be sure to contact Penny Pink at 208-232-1644, or visit or for reservations and show information

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Column for December 2, 2009

There’s a little something for everyone in the local live music scene this week, from hardcore rock to a cappella vocals. Here’s where to be when to catch your favorite style of music.

Tonight, December 2, I See Stars, We Came as Romans, Of Mice & Men and more perform a one-night concert at The Icon on N. Main Street in Pocatello. The concert is open to all ages, and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

I See Stars is a post-hardcore / screamo band with shades of emo. Based from Warren, Michigan, the group released their debut EP two years ago and signed with Sumerian Records last year. They are touring in support of their first full-length CD, “3-D,” which peaked at #176 on the Billboard 200. For more, visit

We Came As Romans is a pop-infused hardcore screamo band based from Detroit, MI. This six-piece band creates a full, almost symphonic rock sound with positive and inspiring lyrics. Their latest album is appropriately called “To Plant A Seed.” Learn more at Of Mice & Men, more hardcore screamo, is based from Southern California. Visit them at

If acoustic solo or duo music is more your style, then your Friday night on the 4th is all worked out. Starting at 7:00 p.m., the Vinyl Perk on S. Main Street is pleased to bring Jordan Peterson to the stage to play acoustic rock from Johnny Cash to Nirvana. The music entertainment is free to the public.

Then at 7:30 on Friday night, The Wild Coyotes host a concert and CD release party as the First Friday Coffeehouse entertainment at the First United Church of Christ on Garfield Street, just behind Pocatello High School. “Coyote Tracks” is the band’s third CD release.

The Wild Coyotes are a favorite in the area, frequenting the brewery and several outdoor concerts in clement weather. They play a wide range of old-time, blue grass, cowboy and original folk. Sallie Sublette fronts the band on guitar, backed by Vince Crofts on fiddle and mandolin, Rick McCracken on clawhammer banjo and Carrie Bean on the stand-up bass. All sing leads and great harmonies. Find them online at

A $5 donation at the Coyotes’ concert will go to support Aid for Friends, a private, non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter, transitional housing and other supportive services to individuals and families facing homelessness in Pocatello. Aids for Friends is kicking off their Caldwell Park Encampment Fundraiser and Awareness project this weekend, December 5th and 6th. Visit them online at

Starting at 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, local singer / songwriters Dr. Bob Fisher and Father Bob Forrest play humorous acoustic songs at Portneuf Valley Brewing on S. 1st Avenue. Then on Saturday the 5th, Soul Full of Blues, featuring singer Ramona Awes, takes the pub’s stage at 8:30. Both concerts are free and open to the public of all ages.

If it’s good old rock n roll you’re looking for this weekend, then head over to Taps Bar on Garrett Way where Plain Jane is on stage. Music starts at 9:00 p.m.; no cover at the door and open to those 21+.

Plain Jane plays classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s and a few more recent tunes; the kind of music to which we all know the words. With the motto, “Fun Music for Fun People,” it’s hard to go wrong. They’ll be back at Taps for New Year’s Eve.

Plain Jane is locally-based, fronted by Jeff Hammer on lead vocals and guitar and backed by guitarists Maurice Ross and Richard Henry, bassist Darwin Edwards and Frank True on one of the biggest drum sets in the local live scene. Find out more at

A real highlight in the local scene early next week: A Rockapella Holiday at the Jensen Grand Concert Hall on the Idaho State University Campus on Tuesday the 8th. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are $28 to $32, available at

Rockapella is perhaps best known for their participation on the long-running PBS children's geography game show, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” and for the show’s theme song. They formed in 1986 in New York City and have since seen several member changes, but no change in the quality of their a cappella singing performances.

Currently, the vocal group is Scott Leonard, Jeff Thacher, Kevin Wright, George Baldi III and John K. Brown. Expect Rockapella to perform covers of popular tunes and many holiday favorites. Find out more at

Linda Alexander

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