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Column for February 3, 2010

It appears as if Pocatello’s local live music scene is featuring the genre of music for which it is best known this weekend – indie acoustic folk and blues.

Downtown Pocatello businesses frequently hire musicians and bands for each month’s First Friday Art Walk. This Friday, both the Vinyl Perk and Portneuf Valley Brewing have chosen local favorites to entertain the artsy crowds.

On Friday the 5th, Blind Autumn plays at the Vinyl Perk, located at 150 S. Main Street. Music starts at 6:00 p.m., is free and open to all ages.

Blind Autumn is a locally-based fusion rock group with Isaac Frantz on alto saxophone, flute and keyboards, guitarist John Boy, Terran Engle on bass and Patrick Kennedy on drums. Reasonably new to the southeast Idaho music scene, they are a group of high school seniors with plenty to which they can look forward.

Playing a kind of a fusion of rock and jazz, Blind Autumn mixes in some funk, reggae and blues. Expect a lot of variety in their songs; some could be considered straight-up rock while others are a lot jazzier. The songs are all instrumental; the inclusion of an alto sax player makes them different than a typical rock band.

Drummer Patrick Kennedy said, “people who know us pretty well like the song ‘Topsy Turvy.’ It starts out with a catchy melody on the sax, and the whole thing builds to a guitar/sax solo at the end. It was one of our first songs and kind of our signature song.”

Based in Pocatello, Blind Autumn formed about two years ago. The band has played fund raisers around town, including one recently at a local high school. They’ve played at the Vinyl Perk several times and have been warmly received.

“We want anyone who's curious to come check us out,” Kennedy continued. “We play a wide variety of stuff and I think most people will find at least some of our songs good or interesting.”

Thankful for the active local live music scene, in spite of Pocatello’s reasonably small size, Kennedy added “Vinyl Perk is a great new addition for live music around here. It's got a great atmosphere … I don't think a person should have to be 21 to get a chance to enjoy live music.” For more on Blind Autumn, visit

And Portneuf Valley Brewing on S. 1st Avenue in Pocatello is bringing Fred Anderson to their stage for the First Friday Art Walk. Anderson takes the stage from 8:30 to 11:00 p.m.; the entertainment is free and open to all ages.

Fred Anderson is based from southeast Idaho, known as a high country bluesman and accomplished singer/songwriter. His performances are always eagerly anticipated in the pub, booked there frequently. For more information, call (208) 232-1644.

Also on Friday the 5th, Nyr Lif will be in concert at The Gateway Theater, corner of Benton and 2nd Avenue in Pocatello. The concert follows a performance by The Comedy Project, 9:00 p.m. Cost is under $5 and both shows are open to all ages.

Formed some four years ago, Nyr Lif’s music is a mix of indie rock and folk. There is acoustic layering of guitars, creative percussion, and great harmonies. Oh yeah, and they’re a group of good looking young men. That doesn’t hurt.

Nyr Lif took first place in Idaho State University's Guitar Unplugged Battle of the Bands. They are regulars at the local coffee shops, several of the university’s music events and at local music venues, outdoor events and fund raisers.

Listen for some of their most popular songs - "Capoed," "Yani" and "The Bicycle of Fate." Based in Pocatello, Nyr Lif features Casey Cathey on guitar and Shawn Barkdull on vocals and guitar; other musicians join as the need arises.

The group has release two CD’s, both available for purchase at They also have several videos on YouTube at For more, visit Nyr Lif online at

On Saturday the 6th, Soul Full of Blues will play at Portneuf Valley Brewing, rounding out a soulful and acoustic weekend of live music in the area.

For a little bit of rock, head over to Casey’s in American Falls where Kaught Lookin’ will play rock covers on Friday and Saturday nights. Visit

Last note, if you happen to be headed south next week, check out Jack’s Mannequin, perhaps best known for their single “The Resolution,” in concert at In the Venue, Salt Lake City, on Tuesday the 9th. Tickets available at

Linda Alexander
a.k.a Lana Banana for S. Idaho Live Music

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