Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eric John Kaiser plays at FlipSide, Jan 25

Eric John Kaiser will be appearing in Pocatello, Jan 25 at the Flipside Lounge.

Eric John Kaiser, billed as "Portland's French Troubadour," delivers a modern pop-rock sound fusing rock, hip-hop and reggae wrapped in sophisticated French lyrics. (Think Manu Chao meets the 1969 Rolling Stones). He has been a fixture of the Portland music scene for several years now, since arriving from his native Paris, France, with more than 350 performances to his credit. He hosts the weekly "PDX Songwriter Showcase" at the Thirsty Lion each Tuesday night, and has performed in most of Portland's biggest venues, including the Wonder Ballroom where he opened for Stereophonics.

Eric tours also tours extensively in the US and Europe. This spring he headed through Canada and down to New Orleans (performing at the Smithsonian in DC), and from Portland to San Diego this June (performing at the prestigious deYoung Museum in SF).

He has recorded three full-length CDs.

He does a show set called "Pardon My French" - classic American rock songs covered in French. They're huge crowd-pleasers, with a great tavern/bar vibe - it gets people up, dancing & singing every time and - HONESTLY - while touring in June, Eric and the band got a $500 (!!!) tip from a guy in LA who was thrilled to hear "Take Me Home, Country Road"!

"Padam Padam" (by Edith Piaf) - Full Stage Band -
"Princess & the Frog (by EJK) - Full Stage Band -
"French Troubadour" (by EJK) - Full Stage Band -
"Pardon" (by EJK) - Solo -

“Like über-producer/recording artiste Daniel Lanois, he's adept at seamlessly blending French and English lyrics with tasteful, sun-dappled sonics.”
-- Barbara Mitchell, The Portland Oregonian

“Seeing as we've managed to snag these continental talents, let's enjoy 'em!”
-- Cary Clarke, The Portland Mercury

“Eric John Kaiser's 2009 CD release 'French Troubadour' contains a full spectrum of great old style pop/rock songs, expertly written and delivered with engaging storytelling.”
-- Zaph Mann, OPB Music

"'d best get used to hearing French in Portland: Along with garage-pop cover band Les Étrangers, Kaiser is leading a bit of a Francophone resurgence in town, and it's one you don't need a beret to dig."
-- Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week

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