Saturday, March 14, 2009

There's a New Live Music Venue in Pocatello

Local musicians are putting forth a grass roots effort to book, manage and promote their own Live Music venue in Pocatello. Located in the Westwood Mall, 1800 Garrett Way in Pocatello, the old Barrie's Ski & Sport store has been refitted with stage, lights and more. Map

For now, visit this website for more information: Aaron Ball, of Ball Brothers Music, 5th Avenue, Pocatello, had this to say:
After nearly 12 years of watching venues come and go in Pocatello, we've decided it is finally time to put together a live music venue that is worth going to and worth playing at for our community. We have installed our concert stage, complete with a full 64K lighing rig and our concert PA system into the old Barry's Building in the Westwood mall.

Our Goal is to provide a great place for people of all ages to come and enjoy listing to music, and for the local musicians who are sick of the way people from out of town treat local musicians or who do not want to play Bars to come and play on a professional setup.

This is the finest venue in the area, and we are committed to making it the very BEST! This place is huge, and the sound is fantastic, as well as having a great light show and other things to do while you are inside! It is a 7000 sq ft building with a 24x24 main stage, and a 12x20 second stage, both have a full professional sound system provided, and a green room for the artists, a large area for merchandise for bands, concessions for sale, and we have tons of additional great ideas and exciting things to come like offering live recordings for bands, a 16 foot tall video projection wall, and rockband between sets!

It IS the place to go for live music in our community. We really want to cater to area musicians, and we really need the support of the area musicians to make this thing go. Lets keep our money and business in Pocatello, where it belongs. Lets work together to take pride in our local talent, and support each other.

For questions please e-mail us or stop in the store on S 5th. If you are interested in playing here, please contact us, this is for you guys, the musicians in our area - lets make the most of it!
The first show was Thursday, March 5th. This is what Bank had to say:
We got back to the venue with just enough time to load on stage and then play. The club in Pocatello looked to be big enough to fit about 1500 people in it there weren't that many people there. In fact, it was the first show that the Ball Brothers had put on in that location. The guys had two days to set up before we got there and they had done a magnificent job with the sound and the stage. Think House of Blues in an empty warehouse. There wasn't any sound treatment done yet so the room sounded like a beautiful cathedral when I sang into the microphone.

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