Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview with Shannon Curtis

Who: Shannon Curtis
What: Vocalist, pianist, in concert
Where: The Vinyl Perk, 150 S Main St., Pocatello, ID - (view on map)
When: Friday, June 18, 2010, 7 to 9:00 p.m.

I first met Shannon Curtis in 2007. We had exchanged a few emails before her headlining performance at Idaho State University, and I saw her show there plus a follow-up show in Salt Lake City. I really, really dig this chick.

Shannon caught up with me recently about her return to the area, an intimate concert at the Vinyl Perk this weekend. What follows below is a blend of my 2007 interview together with current information. Enjoy!

SLG: Describe your genre of music in as much detail as you like. Maybe list your three best crowd-pleasing songs? Can you explain in what way do you most appeal to your fans?

SC: I play the piano and sing love songs. Some of them are sappy love songs, some are the pissed-off, jilted-lover kind of love songs. I suppose I have a few things I'm working out. ;) I've heard people describe my style as being what might happen if Norah Jones and Fiona Apple had a love child. Not sure who the surrogate dad would be -- it's open to suggestion. :)

SLG: Have you always been a solo performer? Or do you have history with a full band?

SC: I've been touring as a solo artist for the last 3 years -- all over the country, in my VW Jetta, over 130,000 miles!

The very last show I ever played with my former rock band, Paradigm, was in Pocatello on June 25, 2006. Paradigm played at Idaho State multiple times over the course of our touring career, and each time we had such a great time because the people were so enthusiastic. And they kept asking us to come back! Which is great.

(The 2007 performance at Idaho State University was the first time Curtis played her solo material in Pocatello. -SLG)

SLG: Tell us where you're from and currently based in what town?

SC: I'm currently based in Los Angeles, CA, but I'm originally from a northern California town called Stockton.

SLG: Past shows or venues you'd like to brag about? Past or future shows in the Pocatello area?

SC: I've played at ISU in Pocatello several times over the last several years -- twice as a solo act, and at least 3 times prior to that with my former band, Paradigm.

SLG: Describe this particular show. What can people expect if they come to this show?

Friday, June 18
7pm - 9pm
The Vinyl Perk
All ages
opening act TBD; I'll be the headlining act at 8pm.

What people can expect from my part of the show is an hour of me on a big ol' piano, singing love songs, and having a great time with the audience. That's usually how it goes down. People can expect to be happier when they leave this show than when they came.

SLG: Any comments about the local live music scene, the music industry in general? What do you think is the best way to get your music out there?

SC: I tour constantly and think it's the very best way to connect my music to music lovers. The internet, which, ironically, is what the 'industry' blames for its struggles, is the most powerful tool the world has ever seen in terms of delivering music to people. Especially new music.

Even though the internet provides endless opportunities for digital distribution of music, there is nothing that replaces the personal and intimate experience of a live show.

SLG: Recordings? Will you have CD's or more for sale at the show?

SC: Absolutely. I just released my first full-length CD, "I Play the Piano and Sing Love Songs," in March. It consists of piano and voice-only recordings. I will also have my three previous EPs available at the show, released in 2009, 2008, and 2007. In addition, I have brand-new t-shirts and posters for sale.

(Link to CD on iTunes. Shannon Curtis on CD Baby. -SLG)

SLG: How can fans contact you? Myspace? or another website?

SC: website: http://shannoncurtis.net
myspace: www.myspace.com/shannoncurtismusic.

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