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Aloud, in concert at The Nash, 11/6/10

Who: Aloud, indie-rock group
What: in concert (21+)
Where: First National Bar, W. Center St., Pocatello ID - view on map
When: Saturday, November 6, 2010, Doors @ 9:00pm

Aloud is known for their strong vocal harmonies, two lead singers (newly weds Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa), and strong songwriting. They released their new CD, "Exile," on 10/12/10 on Lemon Merchant Records, and are on a 50+ date national tour.

They will be performing in Pocatello at First National Bar on Saturday, November 6th, a Pocatello debut.

Visit or their Myspace at

Aloud: Mick Murray, In Your Face Photo

Young, dynamic indie-rock group Aloud is proud to present their newest album, "Exile," to be performed live on the National Exile Tour, arriving in Pocatello on Saturday, November 6, 2010, doors at 9:00, Aloud performs at 11:30 at First National Bar.

"Exile" is Aloud’s third full-length CD, and is the debut album from talented producer engineer Daniel Nicholas Daskivich. The album was fan-funded via, and will be released nationally in 10/12/10 on Lemon Merchant Records.

Aloud is excited to make their Pocatello debut as the fourteenth stop on the Exile Tour, encompassing the entire US in over 50 performances this fall. Aloud is based in Boston, MA, and has given up virtually all of their material possessions to make this tour happen. “Imagine getting married, selling off all your random material crap, and heading out on tour? Aloud are living the dream. ‘Instead of buying a house, we're touring cross-country,’ says de la Osa, laughing.” (Boston Phoenix)

See the new video for "Old Soldier":

"Exile" represents a sea change for Aloud. Bandleaders Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa spent over a year in the studio creating the album, following the departure of their original rhythm section. The result is a new sound. Screaming guitars and crashing cymbals, previously two of Aloud’s greatest assets, are nowhere to be heard on "Exile." They’ve been replaced by acoustic and strange sounding guitars, string instruments, horns, pared down drum kit, finger snaps, handclaps and sound effects. Many of the tempos are much slower, revealing a previously unheard of intimacy and vulnerability, especially in the vocals. "Exile" is a stunning and strange collection of songs, featuring often-unfulfilled, complex characters coming to terms with bleak circumstances, while searching for hope and relief in unlikely places. Playground Boston says, “Front-to-back, this new album is downright beautiful!”

The mid-tempo single ‘Old Soldier’ starts with a whisper and grows into a brilliant, psychedelic explosion of sound and instrumentation, including heavily effected electric guitars, marching drums, euphonium, trumpets, strings, mandolin, and Henry and Jen’s opulent vocal harmonies. Boston Band Crush says, “’Old Soldier’ is a mature piece… deliciously advanced, as if Aloud was imbued with some next-level skills of composition and arrangement, beyond the ken of your average, everyday songwriter.”

In the love-turned-death ballad, ‘To Die At Sea’, Jen sings longingly over an acoustic guitar and lush string quartet. The song is so beautiful and alluring that the listener easily ignores the deeper macabre message, as the siren entices her lover to dive with her to “the bottom of the sea.”

Title track, "Exile In The Night," is dominated by a Latin-tinged rhythm, ghostly soundscapes and a haunting melody. The Deli describes the song as, “one of the most effective songs the band has written to date… the perfect combination - the chorus melody is a beautiful, lilting duet between Jen de la Osa and a high register piano over a groovy rhythm propelled by a guiro.” The song was heavily influenced by the music of Feist and the memoirs of Reinaldo Arenas (the celebrated, exiled Cuban poet). Jen explains the song’s origin, “There's a history of exile in our families, so it always been something that was always around. I wanted to write about that feeling of seeing some other place in the city you now find yourself in, or seeing ghosts and old faces in those of strangers.”

Overall, "Exile" is Aloud’s most sophisticated and experimental album to date, showcasing their new-found love of orchestration, Sgt. Pepper-like production, and rich, lyrical imagery.

"’Exile,’ is arguably their most expansive, sophisticated, and stylistically diverse work to date." -The Boston Globe

"Aloud has delivered a stunning, multifaceted opus... Exile exudes confidence, and great things are still to come." –The Weekly Dig

" of the best straight-up rock shows you can see/hear... Be prepared to be blown away." –Cheap Thrills

11/2/10 – Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO
11/2/10 – Astroland, Boulder, CO
11/3/10 – Moe’s, Englewood, CO
11/5/10 – The Woodshed, Salt Lake City, UT
11/6/10 – First National Bar, Pocatello, ID
11/8/10 – Reef, Boise, ID
11/10/10 - Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA
11/11/10 – Mars Bar, Seattle, WA
11/12/10 – Backspace, Portland, OR
11/13/10 – Diablo’s, Eugene, OR
11/16/10 – The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
11/17/10 – Blue CafĂ©, Huntington Beach, CA
11/18/10 – San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
11/20/10 – The Bunkhouse, Las Vegas, NV
11/22/10 – The Hut, Tucson, AZ
11/28/10 – The 806, Amarillo, TX
12/1/10 – Hole in the Wall, Austin, TX
12/2/10 – Stafford on Main Street, Bryan, TX

More dates are being added daily. Visit for the latest concert dates.

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