Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pokapalooza looking for more bands

Hello my name is Tyson Gunter and I am with the ISU Marketing Club. We hold Pokapalooza every year at the ISU Ballroom on Nov. 13th at 7.

We are currently looking for more bands to play. I have found your page and see that you are a big music fan. could you spread the word for us? And if you wanna come watch that would be awesome too. here is the info. oh and if you would like to put this event on your page too that would be great.

I am with the ISU marketing club and we are looking for a few more bands to play at Pokapalooza on Nov. 13 at 7pm in the ISU ballroom entry is $50 but you get $25 back after you play 20 minute sets with 5min to set up and 5 mins to take down, so a total of 30 mins.

Madison lights will be a guest band and will have a jam session with the winner.
the winner will also get in studio and air time on K-bear 101. I believe your song will play for a week. Also the winner will open for the springfest concert at ISU which in the past has been a huge name band.

Please message me back or email me at gunttyso@isu.edu for more info and questions. I will get you the entry form as well. please spread the word too. we need a couple more bands. Thanks

Tyson Gunter

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