Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Blogs around Myspace early-July '09

From Blakefest - (blog post)

BLAKEFEST is an all day, all ages concert event featuring local bands that have offered their time and talent to perform in our community, in order to raise awareness of issues impacting our youth and our community. Hosting BLAKEFEST has opened many doors to create awareness in our local community. It's because of our countless volunteer hours, deep passion and commitment that our local communities are becoming more involved and informed.

This year BLAKEFEST 2009 will be sponsored by Idaho Health Guide, co-sponsors are The Hard Hat Steakhouse, and 78 Productions. Headlining at BLAKEFEST 2009 is KREEP a national touring band made up of members from White Zombie and Bile. This concert event will feature 7 local bands.

The concert starts at 1pm. Tickets are $10 in advance from the bands and $12.00 at the gate. Saturday, August 15th!! Same Great Place!! Blake's Place 171 S 45th Rd W, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Get your tickets early. Limited # of $10.00 presale tickets are now on sale.

From Dr. Suess is Dead - (blog post)

Holy shit, those of you who have attended before know what Rock the Mountain is all about. For the rest of you, all I can say is that if you miss RTM, you've missed the most exciting event that happens in Idaho all year long.

Full details:

From Finn Riggins - (blog post)

Pretty nice of the 'ol Boston Phoenix to acknowledge us. We appreciate the honor. There are some great bands on this list / have been on this list.... go Idaho!

New album "Vs Wilderness" out this fall on Tender Loving Empire!! Full tour of the Western States to follow. More info soon.

the finn rigginses

From Nate Kizerian - (blog post)

I entered the Alpine Rock The Dash 2 contest.Winners are determined by votes.If I win I get $5,000 to spend at Guitar Center.I would love to buy some new recording gear.If I win I plan on splitting the prize with my kids.Then need new gear too :) So if you would like to help me out.You can follow the link below and vote.You can vote once a day if you would like ;) I would like to thank all of you that have been voting everyday.Your support has been amazing!!!

click here to vote

From Cvltvs Mortem - (blog post)

As many of you are aware, things have been very quiet here at the Cvltvs camp during the last month+. On a local level, there have been many rumors making their way back to us regarding our status as a band. Yes, it's absolutely true that we encountered some turbulence, regrettably resulting in the cancellation of 4 upcoming shows. It's also true that Robert had flirted with the thought of joining Dimmencha when things were very questionable. Despite the degree of seriousness of where we were at as a band, a compromise and re-focussing of the minds was reached. Evil doesn't die easy, and it has become time to re-group and re-kindle the black flame! We're not at liberty to promise any time frame for a live performance any time soon. For now, we descend back into Hell to resume work on our new material that was put on the back-burner due to an overly aggressive live performance schedule. We thank everyone that supports what we do, and apologize to our fans who have questioned the band's status. It's become necessary to issue this statement to let everyone know that CVLTVS LIVES!
Infernal Regards,

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