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Column for July 8, 2009

The Civitans continue their weekly 5:00 p.m. Wednesday concert series this week with Ramona Awe's (Swingshift) new blues band, Soul Full of Blues at the Old Town Pavilion in downtown Pocatello. And it looks like it won’t rain! But don’t quote me; I’m no meteorologist. This week’s event is sponsored by Community Care Clinic and catered by Dutch Oven Delights; music until 8:00 p.m. (Revive @ Five 2009 schedule)

From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday the 9th, The First Ladies open for Truman on the Idaho State University Quad, sponsored by ISU’s Summer Programming. (ISU's 2009 summer schedule)

Truman is a brother duo out of Nashville, TN. Combining a range of influences from Stevie Wonder to John Mayer, the brothers create a pop/rock/soul sound that calls "ear-tickling." Since Truman’s formation in 2005, the duo has been wowing audiences of 13 to 13,000. (interview - Truman)

The First Ladies have been performing live in the Boise, ID area for two years, with a style influenced by the Euro rock scene and the Northwest. Listen for “Heartbeat” and “Emotional Knapsack,” both written within the first few months of forming their band, and “Your Demons and Your Smile,” a fan favorite. The band is has released a 6-song EP called “This Boy Deserves a Train” and is shooting a video for “Heartbeat” next week, due to be released mid-August. (interview - The First Ladies)

When asked to comment on the local live music scene, Joel Smith said, “Locally, we've found that there are a few hidden gems among the casual hobbyists that make up a majority of Idaho's music scene.” He continued, “With the sprightly outlet of the internet, there's room for independent artists to find modest success in local and regional entertainment scenes. …we still believe in hope for the popular music scene to make a turnaround into a more creative and innovative direction and have dreams of one day being a part of this.” Find out more at

Also on Thursday, John Shipe returns to the area to play at Sandbaggers on Yellowstone in Pocatello, 7:00 p.m. (map) Shipe was in the area late in May at the First National Bar. Originally from Oregon and now based in Yellowstone, Shipe is a solo acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter.

“Most of my material is original, but I have a few covers for people who insist on them,” Shipe said, “If I don't know how to play the song they're clamoring for, I'll at least pull out a song from my batch that has the same energy,” and with nine CD’s under his belt in a dozen years, he can do that. Find out more at (interview - John Shipe)

On Friday, singer / songwriter George Christiansen from Denver, CO will perform acoustic folk rock at Portneuf Valley Brewing, S. 1st Ave. at 8:30 p.m. Find out more at And on Saturday, singer / songwriter Max Hay from Missoula, MT returns to the pub, performing a mix of Irish, blues, folk, and sharp-witted original songs starting at 8:30 p.m. Visit him online at

Saturday the 11th, The Gorgeous Hussies and Broke City, both from Northern Utah, break in a new format at the Benton Street Bar & Grill, corner of Benton St. and S. 2nd Avenue. The place is going non-smoking and will be open to all ages. Live music at one end, pool tables at the other and some good eats in the middle, it’ll soon be a go-to place for entertainment in Pocatello.

I first heard of The Gorgeous Hussies some three years ago, shortly after they burst onto the Northern Utah music scene. They've had great successes all along the I-15 corridor, from Idaho to Southern Idaho. If you like Finn Riggins, I think you’ll like the Gorgeous Hussies. (interview - The Gorgeous Hussies)

People who enjoy big epic rock and jam bands will find a lot to love about The Gorgeous Hussies. The three-piece, with Jordon Olsen on guitar, John Chatelain on bass and drummer Ryan Smith, could be described as an alternative jam band. “To our knowledge we’re the first to describe music that way,” Olson commented, “but we think it’s the most fitting sub-genre that describes our live show.”

Expect music from The Gorgeous Hussies to be inspired by Umphrey's McGee, Perpetual Groove or fusion bands like Robert Walters and Galactic. And listen for a crowd favorite, "Pop Chanteuse," reminiscent of a Britney Spears timeline from nobody, to somebody, to father-doesn’t-want-anything-to-do-with-me-now-that-I’m-not-a-big-star.

The Hussies have recently released a DVD, “Luscious Ladies.” Find out more at And check out Broke City at

Linda Alexander
a.k.a. Lana Banana for Live Music in Idaho

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