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ISU Summer Programming 2009 Schedule

Idaho State University, Pocatello, hosts a weekly summer concert series on the Hutchinson Quad every Thursday evening. Concerts start at 6:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. Their mission statement:
ISU Summer Activities programming strives to promote a community type atmosphere with Idaho State University and Pocatello area as a whole by providing educational and entertaining events to students and non-students alike. We provide leadership opportunities where students can develop accountability, integrity, adaptability, inclusiveness, creativity, and the ability to have a pants-free summer.
This summer, the student programming board is offering free meals of grilled hot dogs for students with Bengal ID's. Non-students can buy the meal for $2. Summer activities are brought to you by Aaron McCabe, Ross Knight and Val Davids.

Food for Gear: If people bring in canned food, they will get gear from T shirts, water bottles, key chains, balsa wood airplanes or tattoos [I assume fake tatoos. Not the permanent inked kind -SLG]. We have our summer concert calendars for free to any one who would like one.

June 4
John Rush - progressive acoustic

The Human iPod- John Rush takes you on a musical journey like no other one-man show can by singing and playing guitar, bass, harmonica, piano, sax, keyboard and percussion. If you think you've seen this before, you're wrong. John Rush is not just another singer/songwriter. John Rush is a virtuoso guitarist with a great voice! John Rush plays Original Music and Covers depending upon what the audience requests letting the audience choose the songs for the show.

Opening, Nyr Lif

June 11
Justin Klump - acoustic folk rock - interview

Justin Klump isn’t the type of musician to sit around and wait for things to happen. Built around his sophisticated guitar playing and acoustic folk-pop tendencies.

Opening, My Paper Camera founding members Trevor Powers and Erik Eastman first met in high school, their friendship quickly cemented around their mutual love of all kinds of music.

June 18
Audio Moonshine - rock, Americana

Audio Moonshine plays Rock music with a new Northwest vibe, with a hint of folk/soul/country for fun. Although they are a new band, the experience is quite the opposite. For the last 15 years all the members played in a variety of bands in the same small town of Boise, Idaho. Finally they put all their potatoes into one sack (Idaho Joke), and formed Audio Moonshine. They have fun when they play and love what they do.

Opening, Jerry Johnson and the Jack Pines. Their debut is made of songs that chart out the corners of El Paso motel rooms, warm summers and the mind of a last-chance rock-n-roller; songs about jumping the rails and getting back on; little sparks that stir the dust of an old window sill or a still older country road, make it take shape and dance.

June 25
Steve Means - acoustic pop, soul - interview

Steve Means is a 21-year old acoustic singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, OH. Blending smooth grooves with powerful, open lyrics, Steve has become a respected member of Ohio's and Nashville's younger creative community. Quickly becoming a campus favorite at Ohio State, he played hundreds of shows with his appealing, natural, acoustic sound. Eager to get his foot into the "Biz", Steve relocated to Nashville, TN. Being a triple threat songwriter, musician, and performer, Steve Means has hooks that satisfy even the most discriminating listeners. Look for Steve and his guitar at a venue near you.

Opening, Zombie at Heart is a pop-punk band that sways toward the extremes of the bands that we draw inspiration from; the “pop” in pop-punk and the heaviness and brutality of hardcore. (interview)

July 2
2am Logic - alternative rock, acoustic - interview

2am Logic does not hide behind masks or pyrotechnics. Their brand of rock is from the soul, and the songs they write are full of heartfelt angst without the doom and gloom. The beautiful blend of lyrical maturity and mind probing guitar licks makes 2am Logic a band that is not afraid to go acoustic, and more than happy to crank the amps up to volume 11.

Opening singer/guitarist Michael Sullivan delivers an organic, low-key, oh-so-smooth disc that benefits from musicianship that, while subtle, has an expert touch.

July 9
Truman - pop rock /soul

Truman is a brother duo out of Nashville, TN. Combining a range of influences from Stevie Wonder to John Mayer, the brothers create a pop/rock/soul sound that bmi.com calls "ear-tickling." Ben and Chad Truman are sons to keyboardist Dan Truman of the award-winning country music group Diamond Rio. Since Truman’s formation in 2005, the duo has been wowing audiences of 13 to 13,000. While attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, the band took first place in the university-wide Battle of the Bands competition two years in a row. Having already been featured on an array of projects simply for their vocal ability, the true artistry of Truman lies in the combination of Chad’s unique chord progressions and Ben’s impressive blend of melody and lyric.

Opening, The First Ladies have been performing live in the Boise, Idaho area and writing songs for two years.

July 16
Clumsy Lovers - folk rock

The Clumsy Lovers, like so many bands, started out in their parents' suburban basements and scrounged about for gigs. Their unique blend of Celtic, bluegrass, and Rock influences made that search a little easier, and soon the band was playing a fairly steady schedule of weekend gigs at local pubs.

Opening, Dawnya Clarine’s first album of original tunes, divulges 45 years of getting a lot out of life through a voice that sounds twenty-something fresh. Blues, pop, soul, and jazz weave their way through songs that come from the positive side of the street.

July 23
Dave Campbell - acoustic

Seymour, Indiana native DAVID CAMPBELL taught himself to play guitar when he was thirteen. He started writing songs and listening to a wide variety of music. Influences include John Mayer, Jack Johnson, John Fogerty, and Prince to name a few. David says, "I really enjoy taking a song that is on the radio and making it my own. I'll take something I hear off the radio and reproduce it on the acoustic guitar even though the song may not have acoustic guitar. It may just be piano or bass or synthesizers." Whether playing endearing originals or covering everything from Otis Redding to Outkast, David Campbell ensures that audiences will have an experience like no other.

Opening, Greyhouse Effect is currently in a transitory state after losing Nate Levy. Joe will be doing solo stuff for a while as he works out a 3 piece configuration with bass and drums. He is continuing to write new songs as he prepares for the next incarnation of the band.

July 30
Cary Judd - rock, pop

Cary Judd undoubtedly redefines the one-man-show. Deceptively understated as just a man and a guitar, what you see is not all you get. Cary begins each show by playing a riff or progression that finds itself embellished in a swirl of drum and guitar loops that he masterfully creates with a series of electronic pedals at his feet.

Opening, Anodyne Red has been playing together for about six years now. In 2005 we recorded a small 4 track demo which people seemed to like quite a bit. Almost 4 years later we came out with a completely different cd with a fairly different sound. some of the old elements still exist in our new music, but it is very much a different feel. hopefully you all like it. currently we are trying to get our feet off of the ground after taking a couple years off.

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