Friday, June 19, 2009

From Blogs around MySpace Mid-June '09

From Dimmencha:

-decent gear
-practice 2-3 times a week
-play outta town from time to time
-no alcoholics/junkies/burnouts
-preferably death metal chops

if u are or know anyone who is...hit us up!

From the Spencer Nielsen Band:

SPencer Nielsen raps Biz Markie "Just A Friend", Dan Pectal on drums, Pat Briggs on guitar....This was the last song of a six hour day...we were in the ZONE..i believe................SN

From The Sammus Theory:

Paul's artist profile on Evans drumheads and New endorsement!

Check out Paul's artist profile on Evans drumheads website here - Paul will also be using Humes and Berg hard cases for his drums out on the road, who now proudly endorse Paul. Stay tuned for more! And ...

Sick Drummer Magazine has posted a nice little clip about us on their homepage. Go look and make sure to leave a comment and let them know you know who we are!

READ and COMMENT here -

ALSO, Hollywood Music TV interview is here! We met up with Jimmy Roc from HMTV and for an interview outside the Slide Bar in Fullerton, CA. Check it out!

From Wisebird:

Desert Rocks '09 Review on Jambase!
Hello cyberfriends,

Check out Corby Anderson's wonderful review of Desert Rocks '09. For those of us who were there, this review truly captures the magic that took place! As this review indicates, there was killer music all weekend but Mother Nature stole the show.

Wisebird gets some nice love on the second page of the review...Please read!

Jambase Review of DROCKS '09 at

Peace out,

From WhiteWater Ramble:

See what the Scene Magazine said about the new CD

Live from the Big Sky - By Joshua Espinoza

Attempting to pigeonhole Whitewater Ramble’s sound as conventional bluegrass would be churlish. In their latest album the Fort Collins-based quintet demonstrates versatility by delivering a sound that seeps through the boundaries of traditional bluegrass and spills into the crevices of jazz, funk and jam.

Recorded live at the Zebra Lounge in Bozeman, MT, the album is a collection of cover songs and originals that are nothing short of infectious. The CD’s first track, “Purgatory Shuffle,” opens with blues-tinged instrumentation that tumbles into a fast paced medley of nuanced roadhouse rhythms, thus foreshadowing the whiskey-quaffing, buck-dancing party to come. The following tracks, including adaptations of Stealers Wheel, Michael Jackson and Grateful Dead classics, deftly reconcile bluegrass’ structural conventions with buoyant piano riffs, frenetic finger picking and brazen bass grooves punctuated by hoots and hollers from the crowd.

Like any great jam band, the group is at its best when playing live. And although the tracks were recorded in a crowded nightclub, it’s likely that the pieces would be just as intrinsically raw had they been recorded in a studio, which is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the band’s noise. The unadorned vocals paired with the foot-stompin’ melodies make Live from the Big Sky effortlessly visceral and compulsive. And by culling key elements from old-school and new-school styles, the band has accomplished what so many of their contemporaries have failed to do, which is create a sound that is devoid of any discernable genre, yet sympathetic to the ear.

From Going Second:

Hey everyone! We've got some great news from G2 headquarters! Our manager Bryan Sansom has made some huge headway with our east coast tour this August. It's looking like with some help from a friendly record label we're going to be playing shows in Tennessee, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, DC, Virginia, SC, NC and Georgia! So get ready east coast, here we come!!!

From Miggs:

MIGGS on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, July 7 2009. Check your local listings!

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