Sunday, April 26, 2009

Band you should add to your MySpace

Who: Seven Feet Below
What: Rock cover band (These guys are kids! Really!)
Where: MySpace
When: Now

Spencer Ruchti -Drums, Lead Vocals
Joseph Bellegante - Lead Guitar
Drew Ruchti - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tristan Paz - Bass
Starting on one fateful day, three lonely band members, Spencer, Joseph, and Drew, were searching for a bassist. Many tried to quench the calling, but none succeeded... except for one. A boy by the name of Tristin Paz came to the stand and played every song in sweet, sweet harmony with the rest of the allegience with no problems and no mistakes. He was instantly called upon to make a formation that would forever be known as "Seven Feet Below". With Spencer on drums and lead vocals, Drew Ruchti on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Joseph Bellegante on lead guitar and backing vocals, and of course Tristin Paz on bass and backing vocals, the quadrio was and would forevermore be unstopable in following their dreams... to get on the front of a cereal box. And become rockstars....

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