Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recent Royal Bliss News

Royal Bliss was back in Utah for a week-long break in touring. They had four Northern Utah shows in Ogden, Murray, Tooele and Salt Lake.

Linda East Brady of the Standard-Examiner previewed the Teazer's show in Ogden with a very nice interview. Great quotes, and the interview tells a full story of Royal Bliss' background and current position in the music industry.

Mark Hardcore of The Local Landing reviewed Royal Bliss' performance at Track's Brewing in Tooele. I'll take exception with a couple of his statements -

"This hard-rockin’ grunge-metal band may be touring across the country, but they made it quite clear last Friday that they haven’t forgotten where they came from when they rocked Tooele’s Tracks Brewing Company."

My Response: Royal Bliss is hardly a grunge-metal band. But yes, they haven't forgotten where they come from.

"The band also interacted very well with the crowd and put on a great stage show, and at least acted as if it cared deeply about its hometown fans."

My Response: At least acted?!? Uh, hello?!? Naw, the Utah / Idaho / Reno, NV based grass-roots effort is the Second reason why Royal Bliss has made it as far as they have. The first reason is that the band writes solid songs with accessible lyrics and has an energetic live performance with a charismatic lead guitarist and frontman / vocalist. And Royal Bliss knows that.

"While the band’s somewhat arrogant and sexist rock-star attitude showed that success seems to have gone to the band’s heads, the band is still very solid musically."

My Response: When you're a rock star, a rock star attitude is to be expected. The audience expects that and wants it. No one wants Neal Middleton to stand on stage with any apologies for how far they've come.

"Royal Bliss is rarely in town these days with their touring schedule, so take any opportunity you get to catch them live."

My Response: Totally agree with ya there, my bloggin' buddy.

And Poor Randy W. writes in her blog that she expected to go to Track's Brewing without having bought advance tickets. The show was sold out and she was turned from the door. Randy, maybe you need to keep up on what's happening with our little local band, Royal Bliss.

Positive and Negative (negative = ignorant) Reviews aside, the grass roots effort supporting Our Bliss Boys needs to continue if we want to see them as headliners in major national venues.

"We Did Nothing Wrong," Royal Bliss' most recent single release from "Life In-Between," scooted up another five places last week to reach #35 on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. Gang, that's 34 places below where it needs to be.

-Buy Royal Bliss music online and at local record stores
-If local record stores don't have a Royal Bliss CD, request one
-Call local radio stations to request Royal Bliss songs
-Tell your friends to do the same

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