Sunday, April 26, 2009

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From Broke City
The BC needs help. We want to dominate the main stage at the X96 Big Ass Show, so we need your vote to do so. Please, please, please, please click to cast your vote. If it is announced that Broke City is the winner and we get to play the main stage, there will be a present for all our fans!!!! One that you will want! So please vote, and thank you for taking the time to read this! b.bc
[What Broke City didn't say is ... you can click the back button and vote multiple times. Hey, the other bands' fans are gonna do it, so you should too. -SLG]

From SuperSoFar
New blog at our blog site. Enjoy!

From Star Anna
Molly Templeton wrote a beautiful review in The Eugene Weekly!
And Star Anna is scheduled to play at Portneuf Valley Brewing, 8:30 pm, on Friday, June 5.

From Danny the Skeleton Horse
If you want one message us and we will tell you how to get one.

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