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Column for April 29, 2009

Let’s re-write the saying to something more like, “April showers bring May outdoor concerts.” There are two outdoor concerts this weekend. Soon the Civitans will start their weekly concert series, and Idaho State University will start theirs shortly thereafter.

Friday night, May 1st, there is a six-band free outdoor concert in the parking lot at Barrie’s in the Westwood Mall, Garrett Way in Pocatello. On the bill, A Cassandra Utterance, Danny the Skeleton Horse, Burnt Orange, Rising Son, Nyr Lif and Madison Lights; show starts at 5 p.m.

A Cassandra Utterance is just returning from a month-long tour of the north western states. A pop and soul band from Salt Lake, they’ve shared the stage with Paper Mache, We Shot The Moon, The Brobecks, Allred, Royal Bliss and more. Danny the Skeleton Horse is a progressive, experimental pop punk band from St. Anthony, ID, scheduled to play at The Icon mid-June.

Burnt Orange a power pop group from Salt Lake has a great sound. With a female vocalist and an EP under their belt, I think this is a band to watch for. Rising Son plays retro-psychedelic rock, always nice in an outdoor setting and Nyr Lif has that nice acoustic ambient sound that plays well anywhere.

Madison Lights recently garnered some major regional attention at the recent Sugarcult concert, playing for some 1900 fans in Holt Arena. They’re a pop punk band based in Idaho Falls – another one to watch out for.

For more information on this event, visit

Ok, so the next live music show isn’t an outdoor concert. And it’s in Idaho Falls. But I like this line-up of bands. So if you’re in Idaho Falls on Friday night, head over to The 840 (on Northgate Mile) for Drop Dead Julio, Abrupt Edge and At Dreams End.

I've known Drop Dead Julio (that’s with a hard “J”, pronounce it) for a couple years. In that time, they've blown up in the Salt Lake live music scene, playing all the right clubs, scoring some sweet opening spots for national bands and building an ever-growing fan base in N. Utah. Now it's time for DDJ to hit Idaho. [Interview Here -SLG]

A reviewer recently said that Drop Dead Julio is “pop-punk-rock-alternative in a 12 layer cake!” More simply stated, DDJ is a fusion of rock and punk. “We like that people can’t quite peg us into a genre,” said vocalist Gene Kennedy. “We are who we are, and we’re proud of that.”

Drop Dead Julio originally formed as a trio in 2005 with their first EP having a party-like pop-punk vibe. In 2006 they became a 4-piece band with guitarist Brian Jensen playing lead guitar and singing harmony. “Our sound continues to form in the 4-man chemistry, and in the last couple of years we’ve emerged with several ‘modern rock’ style songs that are featured on our latest album, ‘The Stories We Could Tell.’” There’s clearly a difference between the two albums. “Stories” focuses on the groove and shows a more musical maturity. The band is rounded out with James Checrallah on bass and James Julio on drums.

“When people come to our show they can expect a good time,” Kennedy continued, “We play fun, energetic rock/punk and we’re happy to play off the crowd.” Find out more at

Closer to home, and back outdoors again, don’t miss Saturday’s Really Big Show, the KISU Spring Fest Street Party on the 600 block of S. 1st Avenue. Proceeds benefit KISU and Pocatello Free Bikes. Gates open at 4 p.m. with entertainment until midnight. Cost is $8 at the gate, kids under 12 free.

On the billing for music entertainment, Ashley and the Astronauts, an acoustic band based in Boise, but formerly from Pocatello. Black Eyed Susan from Salt Lake, Luau Cinder from Missoula and Hillfolk Noir will finish out the night. For more information, visit

And for the hard rockers out there, Denots is in concert at the First National Bar on Saturday night, with Seed opening and 2am Logic closing out the night. Music starts at 9:30 p.m.

Denots is a metal band based in Idaho Falls. Formed in 1999, the band hit the scene and hit it hard. The first Denots album was recorded and released in late 1999, receiving solid support on KBER. Their second record was released in 2004, and after some line-up changes, early 2007 saw Denots release their third CD "Dissonance in D Backwards," recorded and produced by Scott Taylor.

For more, visit

Linda Alexander
a.k.a. Lana Banana, Idaho

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