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Column for May 20, 2009

Friday the 22nd, the First National Bar hosts Wisebird, a rock and country blues band from Austin, TX. Music starts at 9:30 p.m.

I've been MySpace friends with Wisebird for several years, keeping my eye on them since ... oh ... about the beginning. And they're finally playing in Pocatello. I caught up with keyboardist Aloysius Nealon on the band and their upcoming show.

Everything Wisebird plays draws from the blues in one form or another. "We all have an affinity for the music of the 50's and 60's. I believe we most appeal to our fans because the music we play is sincere, and it’s very important to us."

Wisebird is Dave Meservy, drums and vocals, Willy T. Webster on guitar and vocals, Joe Beckham on bass and vocals, and Aloysius Nealon, keyboards and vocals. This lineup has been together for just under 3 years, but Meservy and Webster, both originally from Salt Lake, have been in bands together for the last 10 years.

The band has been warmly received at bars, music venues and music festivals: Desert Rocks in Moab, Wakarusa in Lawrence, KS (now in Arkansas), and Las Tortugas in Yosemite, CA. “We currently are on the road doing a few weeks of shows, running up to the 5th annual Desert Rocks Music Festival, where we will be playing 2 sets.” Desert Rocks is Memorial Day weekend.

“Touring relentlessly is really the key,” to getting their music out there, Nealon commented. “Take the music to the people!” And as they do, they garner new fans each time. Dennis Cook, Senior Editor of said, “worthy of early Black Crowes ... this is rock n' roll you feel in your bones, and I left this festival a genuine fan.”

Wisebird released a self-titled CD last year, recorded over a three day span in a one-room studio, capturing the organic sound of their live performances. They have been recording the last few days in Salt Lake and are closing in on releasing a follow-up. Find out more at

Also at the Nash this weekend, acoustic guitarist Nick Mullet on Thursday evening and on Saturday, the Utah County Swillers.

On Saturday the 23rd, pianist and vocalist Allison Sattinger takes the stage at Portneuf Valley Brewing on S. 1st Avenue in Pocatello. Music starts at 8:30, free and open to all ages.

Sattinger will be joined by guitarist Matt Coleman and Phil Mielke on bass. They’ve been playing for three years now, a combination folk, Americana, blues and jazz. Sattinger says, “people say they feel better after one of our shows; that's the general feedback we get - a sense of healing, which is a very nice compliment.”

The trio is based from Petaluma, CA, and recently played at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Sattinger also sang the National Anthem at an Orlando Magic / Chicago Bulls game a few years ago. This is their debut performance in Pocatello. Find out more at

Almosta Band plays roots rock at the pub on Friday night, 8:30.

Looking for a bit of volume? If all things loud are what you seek, look no further than Tony's Billiards in Blackfoot on Saturday.

Enon Chapel will be bringing their own blend of crushing hardcore to the show, sharing the stage with Bring on the Night, Sea Swallowed Us Whole, Neckbrace, Sepulchre by the Sea, Bloodmoon, and Harbor Royale.

"Coming from Twin Falls, the majority of the music played here is hardcore / hardcore punk, and we wanted to change it up. We're still able to communicate to listeners of every genre," vocalist Ryan Kinsey recently said in an interview for Viktor Wilt. The band also features Jeremy Sandoval on additional lead vocals, Brogun Allen and Dustin Kinsey on guitars, bassist Johnny Perez and drummer Cory Skuza.

The band's first show was also the largest they've played, with And Hell Followed With, Hester Prynne, and Wisteria Cottage.

"To be honest, our nerves got the best of us. But we bounced back at our next show with Chelsea Grin and Keeping Secrets. We made an impression and let people know that Enon Chapel is here to stay."

The band is currently recording a full-length album entitled "Leviathan," set for release in August.

Tony's Billiards is located on Main Street in Blackfoot. The show is open to all ages and will feature a variety of genres. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.; tickets are $7. For more information on Enon Chapel, visit

Linda Alexander
a.k.a. Lana Banana for Idaho

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