Friday, May 15, 2009

Interview with Wisebird

Who: Wisebird (Austin, TX)
What: Premiere Pocatello Concert
Where: First National Bar, Pocatello ID - map
When: Friday, May 22, 2009 9:00 pm

I've been MySpace friends with Wisebird for several years. They are one of the bands I've been keeping my eye on since ... oh ... about the beginning. And they're finally playing a show in Pocatello. I caught up with keyboardist Aloysius Nealon about the band. Check 'em out!
"We are looking forward to the show next weekend at The First National Bar."
SLG: Will you describe your music? What are your three best crowd-pleasing songs? Can you explain in what way do you most appeal to your fans?

AN: Everything we play is drawing from the Blues in one form or another - generally we just say Rock n' Blues or Rock n' Roll. We all have an affinity for the music of the 50's and 60's. I believe we most appeal to our fans because the music we play is sincere, and it's very important to us.

SLG: Band member names & instruments? How long has this line-up been together?

AN: Wisebird is Dave Meservy (drums, vocals), Willy T. Webster (guitar, vocals), Aloysius Nealon (keyboards, vocals) and Joe Beckham (bass, vocals). This lineup has been together for just under 3 years. Dave and Willy T. have been in bands together for the last 10 years.

SLG: Tell us where you're from and currently based in what town?

AN: Wisebird is based in Austin, TX. Dave Meservy and Willy T. Webster are from Salt Lake City originally. Aloysius is from Tacoma, WA and Joe Beckham is from Austin, TX.

SLG: Past shows or venues you'd like to tell us about? Future shows in the Pocatello area?

AN: The band has been warmly received at music festivals such as Desert Rocks in Moab, Wakarusa in Lawrence KS (now in Arkansas) and Las Tortugas in Yosemite, CA.

We currently are on the road doing a few weeks of shows running up to the 5th Annual Desert Rocks Music Festival, where we will be playing 2 sets. This is our first show in Pocatello and we are excited about it!
[So are we. -SLG]

SLG: So you'll be at The Nash next week! What can ppl expect if they come to this show?

AN: We will be playing at least two, maybe three sets over the course of the evening - we are the only band on the bill. People can expect to have a great time listening to some good original Rock n' Roll.

SLG: Any comments about the music industry in general? What do you think is the best way to get your music out there?

AN: As far as the best way to get your music out there these days? There are obviously many channels these days, but for us it comes down to staying busy and working as often as we can. Touring relentlessly is really the key. Take the music to the people!

SLG: Do you have any videos on YouTube?

AN: We have several. If you go to YouTube and search "Wisebird" you'll see us. Here is one song called "What It's Called" written by Dave Meservy.

SLG: Recordings? Will you have CD's or more for sale at the show?

AN: We have a CD out that we released almost a year ago. We have been recording the last few days in Salt Lake and are closing in on releasing a followup. The former CD will be for sale at the show, along with choice men's and women's clothing.

SLG: How can fans contact you? Myspace? or another website?

AN: The best way in general is to find us on myspace at

Wisebird is
"strength and meanness pumped into exceedingly pure rock n' roll...they're the children of Leon Russell and Freddie King, real blues and blood soaked barrooms surfacing in their heavy notes. Worthy of early Black Crowes...this is rock n' roll you feel in your bones and I left this festival a genuine fan."
-Dennis Cook, Senior Editor of Jambase

If interested, you can read the entire review here - JamBase

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