Sunday, May 24, 2009

From Blogs around MySpace Late-May '09

From The Eric Openshaw Band
We have been trying, trying, and trying some more to get enough people to come to a Liquid Joe's show (Salt Lake City) to land a Friday slot playing with some really great local bands that have gained some great popularity like Drop Dead Julio, Medicine Circus, and others. We want to PACK Liquid Joe's next Tuesday May 26th, and the TICKETS ARE FREE if you get a hold of us to either get your name on the guest list or get a hard ticket in hand! Besides, who can resist free things? Liquid Joe's is located at 3300 s and 1249 e. Come have a drink with us and hang out with us! We want a Tuesday party, and I'd love to see every one of your beautiful faces smiling in the front row!

From The Reptilians

You don't see a lineup like this around Poky very often. Be there.

From Going Second
We want to give a big thanks to Amanda over at In Weekly who wrote our most flattering article to date! You can check it out at Make sure you leave a comment!!!

From Goodnight Sunrise
We're now at home, getting ready to release our new EP, "Stop, Drop, & Roll!" THE NEW EP WILL BE AVAILABLE JUNE 23RD! ... pre-sale bundles (at) our NEW official webstore! PRE-ORDER STARTS WEDNESDAY! MAY 27th @ 3pm PST!!

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