Monday, May 25, 2009

Interview with Floydshow

Who: Floyd Show
What: Pink Floyd tribute band in concert
Where: First National Bar - map
When: Saturday, May 30, 2009 9:30 pm
How Much: $7 at the door

Floydshow is back for a return engagement in Pocatello May 30th. The Pink Floyd tribute band has been hard at work, changing their line-up and working on their show. I caught up with Floydshow recently about what they've been doing and what's in their near future.

SLG: Describe your take on Pink Floyd's songs. Maybe list your three best crowd-pleasing songs?

FS: We dedicate our show to Pink Floyd. The music we play is a lot of songs that haven't been heard by new fans but have been appreciated by old fans: songs like Astronomy Domain, Echoes, Sheep, Not Now John, and continuing into songs from The Wall, Darkside of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and so on.

The songs that majority of the crowd knows are the hits they mainly hear on the radio such as: Another Brick in the Wall 2, Money, Wish You Were Here, Hey You, Mother and so on.

I think the best appeal we give to the fans is that we are not a multi million dollar buget band (but not to say that would be great!), but we can get our fans close to what we are portraying.

We do things different in our show, with our screen projections and some of our audio samples to give a different "show" then what some other tributes might, just playing what the audience wants to hear. We have lots more energy and life when we play the Floyd, and we also put some "twists" on the music as well .. not to ruin ... but to make it more our sound as well. We are affordable to watch and fun to talk to after, so don't be afaid to come say hi to us. And we like to have a great time as the audiences has in the past with us. It's never a disappointment.

SLG: Band members and instruments?

FS: Tim Hollinger - lead and rhythm guitars and lead vocals, Eric Manning - saxophone and vocals, Amy Allred - on keyboards and vocals, Jason Giron - drums, Joe Lombrozo - rhythm guitars, Juli - back and lead vocals, Sweet Marie - back and lead vocals and Dee - bass and vocals.

SLG: Tell us where you're from and currently based in what town?

FS: We are from Salt Lake City, Utah. We are all gathering in Sugarhouse, Utah, to practice the Floydshow.

SLG: Past shows or venues you'd like to brag about? Past or future shows in the Pocatello area?

FS: I think the last show we did in Boise, Idaho, was about the biggest we have had so far; it was at the Knitting Factory, and the crowd was huge along with the stage!! ... moving lights and our videos had people laughing and cheering, and our sound was enormous! There was about 300 plus people attending, and they sang every Pink Floyd song we played. And to hear the whole crowd sing "Wish You Were Here" was memorable. Not a show to forget!!

SLG: Describe this particular show ... what can people expect if they come to this show?

FS: We are coming to the famous 1st National Bar in Pocatello, so I hope everyone that "lives the Floyd" and is in for a good music time comes out and enjoys the night with us, May 30th at 9pm. Dont miss it!!

There are no opening acts; this is a 21+ venue so bring id's, and the price will be a cover charge of $7.00

SLG: Any comments about the local live music scene, the music industry in general? What do you think is the best way to get your music out there?

FS: If you are an original band, just stay consistent with what you do musically. Don't try and ride the coattails of others to get a deal. People are looking for difference in music, and that's what makes a band stand out from others - that's what talent buyers are searching for. And play as many shows out of state that you do in. Make it work!! You want everyone to hear you and not just the same local bar you play at. And for God sakes, the most important thing is promote your band like it's a new beer!! Always and don't stop!! Remember, you want the world to know who you are.

SLG: Do you have any videos on YouTube? If so, what is the url?

FS: There are a couple, but I suggest that you don't go by what you see and hear in them, because with the different line up we have now, we are much better and more in tune with what we are doing now with the show. These were recorded about 3 years ago I think, but we have different ways of doing songs now. At least we can show you a small taste! You just have to come see us to believe it!!

Click here for Speak To Me/Breathe

SLG: Recordings? Will you have CD's or more for sale at the show?

FS: We are actually going in the studio May 24th for a small line up demo: doing Money and Pigs and Wish You Were Here, so I and the rest are excited. But since we are a tribute band, we can't sell CD's at this time, well, untill the DVD comes out - which is ... I'll let you know on the website!!

SLG: How can fans contact you? Myspace? or another website?

FS: Anyone can reach us at or you can chat with us at Maybe even request your favorite pink floyd songs?!!

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